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Data Gathering + Analysis

Uncovering the hard facts

Data is at the heart of every marketing strategy.

By pulling data from every available source: 

First-party data. 

Previous campaign performance. 

Competitor research. 

Customer interviews, surveys, and more.

We learn about your audience, identify challenges, and start to formulate ideas.

We may formalize and document our analysis as an audit that contains our key discoveries and takeaways.

Audience + Competitor Research

Digging deeper into your market

Attracting an audience requires understanding their needs and challenges. Through extensive audience research, we discover what problems audiences face. The Challenge is to connect with them and leave a lasting impression.

Your competitors are hungry for the same customers. Our team’s competitive analysis surveys the landscape and starts identifying where your business can find the advantage.

Marketing Strategy, Data Gathering, Analysis, audience, competitor research, Targeting, Development, Evaluation and optimisation.


Marketing in the right place, in the right way

Whatever combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels we recommend, BFM uses data and experience to assess where your marketing will have its greatest impact. We’ll then produce a marketing plan for using each of those channels to its fullest.

Strategy Development

Blending art with science

Data is essential, but the real challenge is to find opportunities and generate insights, identifying new and imaginative ways to build, engage, and convert your key audiences. Our brilliant marketing strategists do all that and more.

Your strategy is distilled into a presentation which diagnoses the challenges your brand is facing, sets out the insights underpinning our solution, and provides a road map.

Creative Brief

Connecting your audience to your brand

When you’re ready to implement our strategy, we can help with that too. And no matter which direction our strategy takes us, we have the tools and expertise to execute.

If we recommend new asset creation, we’ll use our strategy to create visually compelling, journey-driven content that turns our insights into outstanding marketing executions.

Evaluation & Optimization

Making improvements by measuring performance

Wherever possible, we avoid treating strategies as one-and-done. Digital marketing is iterative and a strategy should be a living thing. We aim to revisit marketing strategies regularly so we can take into account new data, assess whether the market has shifted, and adjust course accordingly.

It's easy to double your revenues when you have a strategy 


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