Creative Design Keys to Boost Your WEBSITE.

Most of the Web Design Companies are still not able to find the right formula in designing which can boost their Web traffic and their conversions.

Are you facing the same issue with your website?

Do you want to increase your Web Value and so your conversions?

There is no secret formula, its only about minimum professional standards that your website shall have:

1. Optimizing Your Website Speed.

2019 researches and studies proved that the average time the user may wait a page loading before they close is 3 seconds. Each one second delay in the website loading time can cost you up to 7% loss in the traffic, which is to be considered.

People are impatient. They always need a quick solution to problems faced. This means when it comes to speed every second is vital and therefore, solving the issues quickly related to site speed is essential.

Page speed is a direct SEO ranking factor. Latest Google's Algorithm Speed Update declared that only pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users” will be impacted by this update. However, speed can also affect rankings indirectly, by decreasing average session rate wich decrease your website value.

You can check your PageSpeed Insights and analyze its content, then google will generates suggestions to make that page faster:

Google PageSpeed Insights (a score above 50 will be quite good)

2. Consider using the F shape.

Eye tracking visualizations show that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.

Web Design tips F Shape

Users read first in a horizontal movement, usually across the upper part of the content area, move down the page a bit and then read across in a second horizontal movement, then they scan the content's left side in a vertical movement. All these elements forms the F's shape.

This means the maximum attention of the user is at the top of any web page. Now you can take the advantage of this fact by placing your Call-To-Action button along the “F” shaped frame.

You should also place the link of your latest products or blogs on the left-hand side of the web page, as they could have more chance of clicks and conversions.

3. Exploit your first impression.

I call it the first 7 Seconds impression. You Only Have 7 seconds to Make a Strong First impression, it is the length of the human attention span.

Therefore, you have a little tiny time to deliver a full idea that grabs attention, touches a profound need or provide a beneficial solution.

  1. Use a large and catchy headline.

  2. Make your action buttons large and clear.

  3. use multimedia to promote, video and infographics.

  4. Keep it simple and clear.

(Simplicity is the most critical factor in driving the trust and so the conversions for your website)

4. Build a Landing page.

Landing pages are standalone pages usually with no header/footer or menus. It is specifically designed to market your product effectively and result in conversions. It includes features, benefits, testimonials and a call to action button.

Landing Page sample 1

Recent analytics and studies proved that advertising a landing page will triple site traffic and conversions and especially landing pages that contain professional video describing your product/service can increase the conversion rate by 90%, a massive percentage to consider.

The reason for this Massive increase is that the video can tell the user the whole story about your brand which resonates in his mind.

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5. Web Fonts and Colors.

Web fonts can help you define the hierarchy of your content in two ways: size and color. It can let user Differentiate Between Types of Messages, also Combining style Fonts with Standard Fonts will Create a Nice Design.


The bigger the font is, the most attractive and important it will be, second biggest, second most attractive and important, and so on. This means that you have your viewers read your information from most important to least important just by using font sizes. Using Right colors, Imagine a parking with 100 cars, 99 of them are big black and the last car is a yellow Mini. Which will be the most noticed? Using contrast colors can help you highlight important information to direct your user’s attention to it.

A good starting point in Web Design which gives you scores on a few aspects of loading speed optimization, and user’s readability and grabbing attention. We will be also providing you soon with three Professional reports :

  1. Best Tools and site boosters.

  2. Best SEO tactics for a rocking WEBSITE.

  3. Secret of Backlinks and how to get free organic reach.

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