Backlinks, The secret to rank #1 in Google

Updated: Apr 11

Backlinks or Link Buildingare the bread and butter of SEO. When your website is advised by trustworthy sites via a backlink, this makes your site look more trustworthy to search engines.

Google keeps score of what sites have quality backlinks through PageRank

Relevant backlinks are essential to any marketer's link campaign.

To explain, your backlink profile largely determines how your site will rank in search results. So, the better your backlinks, the greater your chances are of getting ranked higher. In this report we will provide you with the best and of the fastest sources of quality quality blogs where you can have your backlink. We will be updating this list regularly, so make sure to check back in every once in a while! Best Blogs For Link Building:

  1. Active Collab

  2. Marketing Tech News

  3. Wassup Blog

  4. Lemon Stand Blog

  5. My Template Storage

  6. Small Business Bonfire

  7. Succeed As Your Own Boss

  8. 99 Design

  9. Small Biz Club

  10. Web Engage Monk

  11. mondovo

  12. Net Vantage Marketing

  13. Big Oak Inc

  14. GoodFirms

  15. Web Alive

  16. Report Garden

  17. Web Firm

  18. Web Hosting One Dollar

  19. Helix Digital

  20. Social Media Impact

  21. Yocale Business

  22. Result First

  23. Agency Analytics

  24. Brand Driven Digital

  25. App Virality Blog

  26. Just Publishing Advice

  27. iNet Solutions

  28. kayzoe

  29. Logic Inbound

  30. Smart Business Trends

  31. Proton Bits

  32. Digital Exits

  33. Wise Pops

  34. etraffic Web Marketing

  35. Digital Technology

  36. Online Sales


  38. Chatter Buzz Media

  39. Technology For Marketing Insights

  40. Revive Social

  41. The Maverick Spirit

  42. Hey Orca

  43. Smarter Digital Marketing

  44. Lake View Studios

  45. Voy Media

  46. Event Juice

  47. Digital V Tech

  48. Nightwatch IO

  49. Chatbots Life

  50. Digital Novas

  51. Blogging Joy

  52. Ten Reviewed

  53. Invoice Bus

  54. Web Gator

  55. Starthub Post

  56. Blogging Techniques

  57. WP SEO Tricks

  58. Glen Demands

  59. SEO Answer

  60. Web Recourse

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