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Updated: Mar 31

Your business may be on the small side but your presence on social Media Has to reflect a better image. Working with the right tools will be an important agent for your media strategy success.

1. Quality of content

You spend hours creating and scheduling content to share with your followers. Don’t you want to grab their attention? if you don't, then your post won't be engaging. Use photoshop express for android for fast photo editing, and it's free.

2. Organizing your social work

Between creating content, writing posts, posting, responding to questions and measuring performance, keeping up with the demands of social eat your time and take many efforts. Using Hootsuite can help you save time by enabling you to schedule your posts and easily create detailed reports. Hootsuite works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The free plan allows you to schedule posts on three social media platforms.

3. Dive Deeper

Marketing campaigns tend to prioritize the bottom of the funnel, But the marketing process is not just building awareness and engaging with the prospect.

it's a long journey with your prospect that can be briefed in these steps:

  1. Awareness (No one would buy your service if he doesn't know you)

  2. Engage (You cannot propose marriage from the first date, communicate 1st.)

  3. Excite (people are excited when they learn something valuable or entertainable....)

  4. Make them a customer (Offer a low price product, or a big discount "something irresistible". Aim to cover the cost to win the customer and give value to remember)

  5. Convert them to a loyal customer (your goal is to generate repeat buys and real profits)

  6. Let them promote you (build belief and credibility, communicate with your loyal customer and get them to talk about you)

4. Multiply your results

If you have the marketing budget, and you want to grow your business to higher levels, and get real traffic, experts boosting (paid ads, pay per click, target audience)

At this stage, It is advisable to seek professional assistance to not only top the online market but to also have a really great impact on the target audience. I recommend Mediaji to do the process, a professional digital marketing agency that guides you through the process of creating brand awareness for a wider presence, to the whole selling process and interacting with lookalike audiences.


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