Why to promote your Brand on Facebook?

Facebook is constantly evolving, they recently made significant changes to the layout of businesses pages resulting in improved usability and easier access to information and insights. it is currently the biggest Social Media network then it is great for raising your brand awareness. The opportunities are limitless and it is the better time to expand your brand reputation.

Why your business should be on Facebook?

1. Brand presence: With over 90% of your country population are using Facebook on daily basis, so it is a great platform for increasing your visibility.

2.Conversion: Nothing drives people to convert more than a compelling picture, that show the real benefit of your product solution. nowadays you cannot sell without providing your customer a full story about your brand.

3.Joining the Competition: You surely know that your clients do join daily the Facebook. Why to leave them for your competitors? Why to miss new clients reach and new business opportunities?

4. Keeping the connection: you can consistently keep posting your services and products updates to your followers wit up to four times a day without loosing their interest.

5.Customer expectations: According to Mediaji Latest statistics, 90% of online shoppers expect brands and new launchings to be present on Facebook.

6. Customers satisfaction proof: Demonstrates how efficient is your service by posting others clients testimonials and responding to customers questions and fears.

Here are the Effective Ways To introduce your Brand

1. Create the best First Impression

When people visit your page the first recognizable thing is your cover photo and your display picture, be creative and informative with the image that you choose. Let your image speaks about you and leave the best impression.

Here is how MAC beauty Brand take advantage of her influencers popularity

MAC between the top beauty Brands in the world uses an image including photos of best social media influencers that people follows and trust, who are hired to promote the brand and called MAC MAKER like @hindash @farah_alhady @themayaahmad @lujainglam @nouraridaofficial @dimasheikhly . They also include a Call to Action (CTA) button located just underneath the banner image which is a technique being adopted by many brands to drive the client to a fast and easy purchase.

The banner is also a great way of displaying a sales campaign or a time limited discount.

2. Engage

consumers dislike being pushed to buy each time and bothered with many adverts. This was actually one of the main thing behind Facebook’s recent changes to the way it displayed content in news feeds. Users always claimed Facebook that they wanted to see less promotions.

So, engaging with consumers, will build with them an entertaining environment that will be comfortable to them to follow your brand.

1. Share other people content

Pay attention to what’s going on around your niche and what kind of posts took the most people attention. Share them. people do love mostly:

Educational posts.

Entertaining posts.



Inspirational and motivation posts.

2. Post a video

Videos posted on Facebook with a catchy headline seems to get 4 times engagement more than a single image. Videos will automatically run when people scroll a newsfeed. It gets attention right away, rather than you share a link to YouTube video.

3. Ask interesting questions

Ask questions that solves a current situation or something to motivate people to comment below on your post.

example: what to do to benefit from staying home?


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